Terms and conditions


1) The beneficiary undertakes to provide correct data.

By opting for registration, you undertake to provide us with the correct name and other useful information.

The use of false data may invalidate orders or make it impossible to contact you.

By accessing the account and using your personal password you are responsible for all actions arising from their use.

ESAGAMES HOSTING SHIELD SRL cannot be held responsible for the errors that occurred as a result of the user's negligence regarding the security and confidentiality of his account and password.

2) The website hosting service is intended exclusively for clients who host small and medium-sized sites on the equipment of ESAGAMES HOSTING SHIELD SRL.

Large resource-consuming users will not be accepted in any form.

(example: p2p communities - torrent trackers, file-hosting sites, image hosting sites, site statistics installations (top), game statistics, external metering installations (player redirects), etc.)

Sites that host or promote activities prohibited by the Romanian legislation in force will not be accepted in any form.

(example: child pornography, copyrighted material, racism, fishing sites, spam, distribution of illegal videos, etc.)

3) Technical assistance for the Webhosting service is free and is provided by e-mail.

We do not offer configuration support such as forum installations, forum configurations, logo creation or other design elements, debugging for PHP applications that do not run correctly in terms of programming, etc.

The client undertakes to optimize its web applications to reduce resource consumption.

The client undertakes to respect a fair-usage policy and not to abuse the processing resources of the server on which it is hosted.

The client undertakes to comply with the guidelines for optimizing web applications provided by technical assistance to reduce resource consumption.

4) The traffic for all web hosting packages is unlimited (unmetered) - the bandwidth being allocated dynamically between the clients hosted on the respective processing unit.

For security reasons, each client has controlled access to the PHP processor, and the functions open_basedir, disable_functions, and safe_mode are activated and configured to ensure an environment as safe for customer applications.

The client undertakes to secure its web applications to avoid unauthorized infiltration based on their vulnerabilities, the supplier ESAGAME HOSTING SHIELD SRL cannot be held liable if

the client's account was the victim of an attacker, regardless of the consequences of this attack, the security being the client's duty.

The client undertakes to make backup copies of his data, to prevent an unpleasant situation due to unauthorized infiltration or accidental deletion.

5) Within the hosted game servers it will not be allowed to install:

- Modules that modify positively or negatively the performance of the service (a timer, booster, fps booster, etc).

- Modules that are known for serious security issues (web mod, hlguard), modules designed to add CPU-controlled virtual players (bots).

- Any abusive method of modifying the player's client is strictly forbidden (Slow-Hacking), here we include of course CS 1.6 (GameMenu, destroy, fuckoff, autobind for connect, etc.).

The owner whose server will run such an extension or use the service as a redirect will be suspended from the service without any notification, certain detections being automatic.

- It will not be allowed to change the number of slots higher than the purchased package (available seats) in any form, here we also understand the virtual form (additional fake slots).

- The client undertakes to optimize the modules/extensions used on each game server to reduce unnecessary resource consumption.

- The client undertakes not to allow the use of its sv_downloadurl function by other servers, or to display it publicly.

6) We are allowed to reject persons that we don t want to allow.

7) TeamSpeak 3 Servers: We are allowed to ban our rejected users without questions! We have the power to give ourselves ranks for fulfilling this task / keep the rank. We have added the rule as the hosting icon to be our ESA(icon) redirect to https://esagames.ro

8) ESAGAMES HOSTING SHIELD SRL provides the client with all the resources necessary for the administration/configuration of the game hosting service (control panel, FTP access).

The sv_downloadurl function (fast download of resources) is offered free of charge to any hosted game server.

Technical support for this game server hosting service is free and is provided on the forum, TeamSpeak, or by e-mail.

We do not provide assistance in creating extensions (plugins / modules) at your request.

10) The invoice related to the service/services is sent to the client, in electronic format - 7 days before the due date

The system will automatically send a payment notification 3 days before the due date.

If the payment is not confirmed within 3 calendar days after the payment deadline (due date), the services will be suspended (automatically), ESAGAMES HOSTING SHIELD SRL reserving the right to delete all data,

as well as to reallocate IPs to other clients.

A partially paid invoice will not be considered a CONFIRMED invoice. In fact, the services will not be extended! Requests for recalculation of the due date based on a partial payment will not be considered,

in other words: the services will not be extended in the amount calculated per days of use, the minimum period of the contracted subscriptions being 30 days.

Any payment made on a billed service, even a partial one, is NON-REFUNDABLE!

ESAGAMES HOSTING SHIELD SRL cannot be held liable for a partially paid invoice, in case the services are suspended due to non-confirmation of the invoice.

Following an invoice paid and confirmed, ESAGAMES HOSTING SHIELD SRL undertakes to provide the customer with the requested service, within up to 72

11) During the period in which the contracted service is suspended due to non-payment, the owner does not have the right to request backup copies of his data.

12) The payment methods made available to the client are:

- payment through the bank in the account displayed on the contact page.

- payment by SMS provided by the partner SC MOBILPAY SRL.

13) Transfers of services between clients

Any contracted service can be transferred to the administration of another client only with the express consent of the owner and of ESAGAMES HOSTING SHIELD SRL.

Additionally, the beneficiary of the services offered by ESAGAMES HOSTING SHIELD SRL undertakes:

- To respect the legislation in force of Romania in its letter and spirit.

- To take all necessary measures not to display in the online environment, through our services (forums, blogs, images, etc.) offensive, offensive content, or other content that violates the law

to the privacy of a third party or that encourages or leads to an activity provided by the Romanian legislation in force as illegal, which violates any form of copyright or related rights of other persons or companies.

The suspension of the service as a result of the violation of the regulation does not entail the partial or total reimbursement of the amounts paid for the contracted service, and the suspension period will be considered a 'service provided' that falls under

the provider is not obliged to make available to the client the data stored within the contracted service, regardless of their nature.

14) Counter-Strike 1.6 && Global Offensive: Any type of redirection / fakeplayers / bots -> these actions can lead to the suspension + termination of services

15) Prohibited DDoS threats / Service damage between customers! -> these actions can lead to the suspension + termination of services

16) Prohibited Overflow to the processor with plugins -> these actions can lead to the suspension of the service until the problem is solved

17) After the payment delay, ESAGAMES HOSTING SHIELD SRL reserves the right to suspend the product.

18) After the payment delay by 3 days, we reserve the right to close your services without having a backup in case you change your mind to extend them!

19)We have the right to reject customers / we have the right to cancel a customer product if we want to reject him.