Web Hosting

Starting from 5,00€
Uptime 99,9%
Ssd speed
Daily backup included
Anti-DDoS protection L4
Anti-DDoS protection L7

Game Hosting

Starting from 7,00€
Uptime 99,9%
GamePanel included
Database included
Download-url included
Anti-DDoS protection L4

VPS Hosting

Starting from 12,00€
Uptime 99,9%
1gbps included
root access
A lot of different OS
Anti-DDoS protection L4


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VPS Germany

starting from 6 euro
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CSGO 128 tick Germany

starting from 4 euro
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CSGO 64 tick Germany

starting from 3.5 euro
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Web Hosting

We are using cPanel & best components on the market.


Unlimited Viewers Unlimited Emails Unlimited Bandwidth Anti-DDoS L7 Custom Hand Anti-DDoS L4/L3 by Voxility


We are using proxmox for kvm(vds) & lxc(vps) virtualization.


VPS/VDS Virtualization Support Included 3TB Free Bandwidth 1GBps Network Speed Anti-DDoS L4 by Voxility/Harmony


We are selling dedicated servers custom/instant build.


High Performance 8 TB Free Bandwidth Dedicated CPU Included SSH Acces Included Anti-DDoS L4 by Voxility/Harmony

RADIO Hosting

We are using sonicpanel one of the most expensive panel on the market.


Stream quality 128kbps Random Port Included 1TB Free Bandwidth Share Ip Adress Free SSL Certificate

Anti-DDoS Protection

attack protection up to 2tbps

We have custom Anti-DDoS protection from our own filters that are located in Germany and TNI filtres from Romania. We provide up to 2 tbps attack protection, and we can guarantee you that your services are in good hands, even if an attack goes through, our network specialists will find a solution to it.


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Counter-Strike 1.6

starting from 7,00€ monthly


starting from 6,00€ monthly

Multi Theft Auto

starting from 9,00€ monthly

Custom Game

starting from custom€ monthly


starting from 6,00€ monthly


starting from 15,00€ monthly

CsGo 64 Tic

starting from 10,00€ monthly

CsGo 128 Tic

starting from 14,00€ monthly

Network Infrastructure

perfect service provided by voxility and synlinq.

CPU Performance

Powerful for gaming up to 4.9 ghz

Our processors are brand new and we are using cpu that are supporting ecc ram with hight frequency.

CPU Servers

Scalable for virtualization up to 3.35 ghz

Our server processors are specially made for virtualization production and low frequency gaming.

Anti-DDos Capacity

We provide protection up to 2 tbps

We have custom filters mode for gaming servers also for usuall work. We also improve our Anti-DDos every day.

Datacenter Voxility

Fast, secure and with restricted access

They service serious online businesses by renting or selling hardware, network equipment, Internet access, and security services.

Internet Speed

Connection up to 40 gbps

Our Internet edge capacity well exceeds the bandwidth used by our customers and it is well balanced across the US and the EU.

Datacenter Synlinq

Fast, secure and with restricted access

Unmatched field support from Synlinq right in the buildings where ISPs interconnect. Flexible options for housing of datacenter hardware.